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A County Commissioner Cannot Serve Two Masters

March 16, 2015 cathycantunes@gmail.com 1

Last month it became official: Sarasota County Commissioner Christine Robinson is now Executive Director of the Argus Foundation. This relationship between a sitting County Commissioner and Sarasota County’s leading business lobbying organization demonstrates a new […]


November 23, 2014 cathycantunes@gmail.com 7

When it comes to flouting standards, one consultant auditing Sarasota County procurement in 2012 opined “these people take the cake.”  The audacity level in local government has been kicked up a notch.  Commissioner Christine Robinson’s […]

Shooting the Messenger

August 21, 2013 cathycantunes@gmail.com 0

  Sarasota County Commission chooses intimidation, not collaboration Originally published September 29, 2012 in SRQ Daily It’s not easy to embrace criticism, but its essential to creating good government. Engaging in dismissive or retaliatory rhetoric […]

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