2050: City from Mars, County from Venus?

Today’s post is a 7 minute video upload of discussion from the Joint City County Commission meeting on October 22, 2013.  The topic is 2050, and a couple of County Commissioners attempt to downplay how they are bypassing City Commission involvement in 2050 changes.  Based on the discussion, you’d think the Commissions are from different planets.  Does the County Commission really not know their policies?

Proposed changes to 2050 weaken protection for existing taxpayers.  Dual taxed City taxpayers have a heightened interest in keeping the current 2050 policy of Fiscal Neutrality.  Fiscal Neutrality requires 2050 development (high density development outside the Urban Service Boundary) to pay for its own infrastructure.

Our cities should not be bled to fund excess development outside the Urban Service Boundary (east of I75).  If the market is demanding such development, the developer will be able to fund the infrastructure.  If it’s too expensive, isn’t the market saying hold off?  Turning to taxpayer subsidies is not a solution.

In addition, a number of 2050 policies that protect the cities have never been implemented.  Take a look.


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